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Bandung Tarik

Bandung Tarik

Malay Sweetened Condensed Milk Evaporated Milk Rose Syrup

10 mins


Prep + Cook Time

10 mins


5 ingredients


For 5 servings

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ENG version

Versi BM


200g F&N Rose Syrup

500ml Water

100g CAP JUNJUNG® Sweetened Creamer

100g Carnation© Evaporated Creamer

As needed Ice


  1. Add F&N Rose Syrup, water, CAP JUNJUNG® Sweetened Creamer and CARNATION® Evaporated Creamer in a mug. Stir well.
  2. Pull the bandung until frothy
  3. Serve over a glass of ice with some froth on top


200g Sirap Ros Kordial F&N

500ml Air

100g Krimer Manis CAP JUNJUNG®

100g Krimer Sejat CARNATION®

Secukupnya Ais


  1. Campurkan Krimer Manis CAP JUNJUNG®, Krimer Sejat CARNATION®, Sirap Ros Kordial F&N dan air ke dalam gelas. Kemudian kacau.
  2. Tarik minuman bandung sehingga berbuih.
  3. Hidang minuman ke dalam gelas bersama ais.
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