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BBQ Chicken in Spicy Gravy

BBQ Chicken in Spicy Gravy

Chicken Evaporated Milk Intermediate

40 mins


Prep + Cook Time

60 mins


13 ingredients


For 4 servings

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ENG version


2  chicken whole leg, remove bone

1tbsp  salt

½ tsp   Turmeric powder

100ml  F&N Evaporated Filled Milk

Ground Ingrediants

5  dried chilies, soaked

2 red chilies

5  shallots

2  cloves garlic

4  candle nuts, roasted

2 tbsp  tamarind juice

1 tbsp  palm sugar

Cooking oil

Some thai sweet basil leaves for garnishing


  1. Marinate chicken with salt and turmeric powder. Brush some oil over chicken and grill for 10 minutes on each side and another 5 minutes on each side until chicken is cooked.
  2. To cook the sauce, heat 3 tbsp oil and sauté ground ingredients until fragrant; add in tamarind juice and palm sugar. Cook for 1 minute over low fire, then put in evaporated milk.
  3. Once sauce starts to boil turn off fire. Pour sauce over grilled chicken and sprinkle some sweet basil over it.
11 months ago