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Crystal Longan Jelly

Crystal Longan Jelly

Evaporated Milk Chinese Western Fruit

25 mins


Prep + Cook Time

25 mins


7 Ingredients


20 Servings

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ENG version

Versi BM


13g (½ packet) Jelly powder

1.5L Water

220g Sugar

1 can Canned longan

1/4 can CARNATION® Evaporated Creamer

3 drops Red food colouring

20x Plastic cup


  1. Bring water, longan syrup, jelly powder and sugar to boil. Set the longans aside.
  2. Once boiled, add in CARNATION® Evaporated Creamer and red food colouring. Continue to cook it until boiled. Set aside and let it cool slightly.
  3. Pour equally amount of the mixture into 20 cups. Let it cools entirely in room temperature. Place the longans into individual cups as topping. Served chilled.


13g (½ paket) Serbuk jelly

1.5L Air

220g Gula

1 tin Longan dalam tin

1/4 tin Krimer Sejat CARNATION®

3 titik Pewarna merah

20x Cawan plastik


  1. Didihkan air, sirap longan, serbuk jelly dan gula. Ketepikan buah longan.
  2. Masukkan Krimer Sejat CARNATION® dan pewarna merah. Didihkan lagi dan ketepikan sehingga sejuk sedikit.
  3. Tuangkan jelly ke dalam 20 cawan plastik secara sama rata. Ketepikan sehingga sejuk sepenuhnya. Susunkan buah longan di setiap cawan plastic. Sejukkan dalam peti sejuk sebelum menikmati.
1 year ago