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Green Bean Slush

Green Bean Slush

Malay Evaporated Milk Western Pandan Gula Melaka

50 mins


Prep + Cook Time

50 mins


For 2 servings

Skill Level


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100g Green beans (green bean soup)

1/2 can IDEAL® Full Cream Evaporated Milk (green bean soup)

2 tbsp Sugar (green bean soup)

100g Gula Melaka (green bean soup)

2 pcs Pandan leaves, knotted (green bean soup)

100g Gula melaka (gula melaka syrup)

1/2 cup Brown sugar (gula melaka syrup)

1 cup Water (gula melaka syrup)

1 pc Pandan leaves, knotted (gula melaka syrup)

1/2 can IDEAL® Full Cream Evaporated Milk (milk slush)

2 cups Ice (milk slush)

800ml Water (green bean soup)


  1. To cook the green beans soup, boil the green beans with water, sugar, gula Melaka and pandan leaves until its cooked. Add in IDEAL® Full Cream Evaporated Milk and continue to cook while stirring it until thicken.
  2. For the Gula Melaka syrup, boil all the ingredients together on medium heat for 20 mins until it reduces to half the amount and thickens into a syrup.
  3. To assemble, scoop 2 tbsp of green bean soup into a glass. Blend the ice and IDEAL® Full Cream Evaporated Milk together in a blender until slushy. Top the glass with the milk slush.
  4. Drizzle some gula Melaka syrup over the milk slush. Serve immediately.


100g Kacang hijau (bubur kacang hijau)

800ml Air (bubur kacang hijau)

1/2 tin Susu Sejat Penuh Krim IDEAL® (bubur kacang hijau)

2 sudu besar Gula (bubur kacang hijau)

100g Gula Melaka (bubur kacang hijau)

2 helai Daun pandan, diikat (bubur kacang hijau)

100g Gula melaka (sirap gula melaka)

1/2 cawan Gula perang (sirap gula melaka)

1 cawan Air (sirap gula melaka)

1 helai Daun pandan, diikat (sirap gula melaka)

1/2 tin Susu Sejat Penuh Krim IDEAL® (slush susu)

2 cawan Ais (slush susu)


  1. Untuk membuat bubur kacang hijau, rebuskan kacang hijau, air, gula, gula Melaka dan daun pandan sehingga masak. Tuangkan Susu Sejat Penuh Krim IDEAL® dan rebuskan sehingga pekat.
  2. Untuk membuat sirap gula Melaka, rebuskan semua bahan di atas api sederhana sambil menggaul selama 20 minit sehingga sirap menjadi pekat.
  3. Untuk membuat Slush Kacang Hijau, sendukkan 2 sudu besar bubur kacang hijau ke dalam gelas. Kisarkan ais dan Susu Sejat Penuh Krim IDEAL® di dalam pengisar sehingga halus. Tuangkan slush susu ke dalam gelas sehingga penuh.
  4. Taburkan sirap gula Melaka ke atas slush susu dan sedia dihidangkan.
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